Renewable Technology at Work

Daily we hear about renewable projects being approved in each State, we see the great progress being made with home installations and the latest & biggest, Tesla’s battery in South Australia. All great news and definitely the right steps in improving our way of live and the environment.   What we dont hear about is what can we do for Tradies who move from job to job and still use diesel/petrol generators.   The technology is available however we dont seem to be embracing it.   In Australia, we love the outdoors and going away with the family.   To make our lives comfortable, we use renewable technology to provide power when its not available at a camping site.   Today we will find caravans fitted with solar panels, large battery banks and in some cases, fuel cells are being used to keep those batteries full.   Our 4×4’s are fitted with dual battery systems so we can power that portable fridge to keep the beer cold.   All of this technology is great and I was wondering what we could do to make a similar system portable, efficient and affordable so we empower our Tradies to ditch the dirty technology and take that next step.   A possible solution, the portable power generator.  What is it, well its a similar system to the Tesla Battery but on a much smaller scale.  It uses renewable technology to charge a battery and when we require power, it convert’s the stored energy into either AC & DC power.   They come in different shapes & sizes and over the next couple of weeks I will provide you with a technical review of some of the products available in Australia.

Just imagine having power on tap without having to worry about fuel, noise and fumes.

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