Beacon360 Blaze LED (Modular String Lighting)


Light up everywhere at once.  No bulbs.  No heat.  Instant start.



Product Description

The ultimate portable LED area light casts bright white light everywhere you need it…

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a portable area light that illuminates an entire room, instead of just one wall?  Even better, wouldn’t it be amazing to have a 360° area light that doesn’t need bulbs?  To top that, wouldn’t it be the best to have a bulb-free 360° area light that gives off minimal heat, doesn’t need a fan, and instantly starts up and restarts every time?  Now that would be the ultimate portable LED area light.  And Lind Equipment brings that to you in the form of the patented Beacon360 Blaze.

The Beacon360 Blaze is an incredibly bright LED area light that casts light in 360° and upwards, illuminating entire rooms and outdoor areas, up to 50′ in every direction.  Its 100W of power is bright enough to allow the entire team to work anywhere in the area with only a fraction of the energy usage of traditional area lighting solutions.  If you are on a remote location, it might even mean that you can drop down a generator size, or drop a generator completely.

Ideal for contractors, emergency services and facilities, the Beacon360 Blaze is durable, rugged, easily transportable and will provide the lighting power you need instantly, every time.  The 50,000 hour rated LED arrays light up immediately on the touch of the switch and will light up instantly upon reset or power restore.  No more waiting fifteen minutes to get back to saving lives after a power outage; that’s time that no one has to spare.

The Beacon360 Blaze is incredibly versatile, coming with a wide variety of mounting options.  The 1.2m 2.4m tripod can raise up to move the light out of eye level while illuminating a greater area.  The powerful magnet mount can attach to structural steel and move easily into place where you need it.  The Beacon360 can even be used upside down, hung from the ceiling with the included eye-bolt or daisy-chained.

The NEW Beacon360 Blaze design is 17% more efficient without sacrificing light output, and about half the size without sacrificing durability. Now even more portable, strong, and weatherproof, check out the new Beacon360 Blaze design.

Also, if you like the Beacon360 Blaze, but need less light, check out the Beacon360 Trek.  If you want totally cord-free operation, check out the Beacon360 GO.


Tripod, Magnet Mount, Floor Stand, Clamp Mount, Daisy-Chaining, Hard Cases.

Lind Lighting Carry Case - closed Case


  • Watts: 100W
  • Light Temperature: 4500K (bright white light – no blue tint)
  • Lumens: 14,300
  • Approvals: cETLus portable work light. U.S. Patent No. D737,712
  • LED Life Expectancy: Integrated LED chip is designed to last for 50,000 hrs.
  • Environmental Rating: IP65
  • Construction: Cast aluminium housing, polycarbonate lenses
  • Switch: On off rocker switch (100% / 50% / 15% / off)
  • Weight (light head): 2 kg
  • Dimensions (light head): Height:  26 cm , Diameter:  15.2 cm
  • Warranty: 3 years

Product Features

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