45W Beacon360 Go (Rechargeable)


Up to 6,000 lumens and up to 25 hours of bright 360° LED light wherever you need it.

~ Up to 25 Hrs Run time before recharging ~ 4kg lightweight ~ IP65 ~ LED rated for over 50,000 hrs ~ 3 Year Warranty


Product Description

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Casts light in 360 degrees and upwards illuminating entire rooms and work areas.  Its 45W of power is bright enough to allow the entire crew to work anywhere in the area with only a fraction of the energy usage of traditional area lights.  It can also run for up to 25 hours on the 15% setting.

Designed for Indoor/Outdoor in any weather condition.  Comes with eyebold mount for easy upside-down hanging.

The ultimate portable LED area light now doesn’t even need a cord…

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Lind have learned a lot since bringing out the patented Beacon360 corded 360° area light.  It has uses in a huge variety of applications, including construction, fire, emergency services, mines, and general industry.  Lind heard loud and clear from many customers that they wanted to take it even more places, particularly those where they didn’t have access to power.

So for those times where you want ultimate flexibility and portability for your lighting needs, we proudly introduce the battery operated Beacon360 GO.  It has all the durability and strong light output that you are used to with the corded Beacon360 Blaze, but with a rechargeable battery source built right in.

The battery operated Beacon360 GO operates in three light modes to tailor to your application.  The highest power mode provides 6,000 lumens of bright white light for up to four hours.  The low power mode provides 3,000 lumens for 8 hours.  And finally, the power saver mode provides 900 lumens for an amazing 25 hours.  All this while only taking 4 hours to charge, and the light can be run simultaneously while charging.

And as with the corded version, the battery operated Beacon360 GO is incredibly versatile, coming with a wide variety of mounting options.  The 1.2m – 2.4m tripod can raise up to move the light out of eye level while illuminating a greater area.  The powerful magnet mount can attach to structural steel and move easily into place where you need it.  The floor stand provides a super compact and portable solution.  See below for all the mounting options.


Lind Light Accessories Case

Lind Tripod Case - Kit


Indoors.  Outdoors.  The middle of nowhere.  Literally wherever you need a tough, bright area light, the battery operated Beacon360 is there for you.


Charging Time4-5 hours
Light Temperature4500K
Lumens6000 100% power
Run Time100% – 4 hours, 50% – 8 hours, 15% – 25 hours
LED Light Expectancy50,000 hours
ConstructionCast aluminum housing, polycarbonate lenses
SwitchFour-Way-Rocker Switch
DimensionsHeight: 35cm, Diameter: 15cm
Weatherproof RatingIP64


Product Features

Product CodeLE360LEDC


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