200W LED Balloon Light Tower

Balloon 200W


Low-Watt, High-Efficiency LED Lighting.
Long-lasting, energy saving lighting for mobile applications.

Product Description

200W LED Balloon Light Tower

Cost-saving LED lighting that is easy to move and perfect for year-round use.

Our 200 Watt LED Light Balloons are so efficient, you get longer life with an impressively low amp draw. Plus, the compact, easy-to-move design makes setup simple, so you save money, energy and time!

The effciency of our LED technology puts all lighting to shame. Pulling an approximate 1 amp per 100 watts of power, it out-performs all other lighting.

The glare-free, non-blinding LED balloon lights have been designed to withstand the harshest of work environments. The LED’s are rated at 120,000 hours which helps our customers cut down on maintenance and labor costs.

All 8:12 Illumination light balloons feature a unique modular design for field replacement, not product replacement. This drastically cuts long-term costs and boosts productivity.

Outstanding Features

  • For use with a small generator for example four 200W LED’s are able to run off a 1KW generator.

    Balloon 200W

    Balloon 200W

  • Wattage per lumen of light output can’t be matched by any other light on the market
  • Instant restrike, extremely mobile, and can be powered by 110 – 277; this ensures our lights are  compatible with virtually all world-wide electrical outputs
  • Energy-efficient and eco-friendly
  • The LED technology we utilize is rated for 120,000 hours of life
  • Can be powered by an inverter instead of a generator because of its low amp draw
  • Because of the low amp draw, our LED light balloons can easily be powered off a small solar panel or battery pack for remote locations where generators aren’t available or feasible
  • Can be attached to a small generator on a roll cart for easy mobility, great for flagger stations or anywhere diffused lighting needs to be mobile
  • Our balloon design allows for the extremely bright and directed LED cell’s light to be filtered and diffused so that it is easy on the eyes and safe to work around
  • Ideal for year-round use, even in extreme conditions: weather-resistant, waterproof, UV-resistant, and fire-retardant balloon

200W LED Balloon Light Data

Light in LUX




Lighting Data

Maximum Lighted area


Maximum Lumens


Colour Temperature

5,000 Kelvin

Electrical Data

Type of Cells

Number of Cells4 x 50 watt
Maximum Power200 watt
Average Lamp Life120,000 hours
Voltage Available

110V – 277V (50/60 Hz)

Balloon Light Accessories

 4.3m Crank Tripod


·        Min to Max height range: 175cm – 400cm

·        Base spread diameter: 115cm – 168cm

·        Centre tube diameter: 35mm

·        Folded height:  135cm

·        Weight: 25kg


 3m Aluminium Tripod

 ·        Min to Max height range: 147cm – 248cm

·        Base spread diameter: 110cm

·        Centre tube diameter: 35mm

·        Folded height:  150cm

·        Weight: 10kg


4m Pyramid Base

 ·        4m Manual fiberglass mast

·        56cm x 560mm base

·        Cuts down on trip points

·        Can be filled with 45kg of sand

·        Good for windy conditions




Machine Mount

Custom mounting system to mount the balloon light to their machinery.

Designed to bolt to the deck near the machine operator or to any vertical side of the equipment.

The bracket comes with a 4m telescoping mast so that customers can place the light at their desired height.


Product Features

Product Code200WBL


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