Rechargeable + Remote Controlled
This high-performance lamp represents the most advanced mobile LED technology. It is robust, nearly maintenance-free and easy to handle.

Over 100 devices can be turned on via a single remote control

Product Description

Rechargeable + Remote Controlled

The SETO POWER LED with Remote features two application modes:

  1. Hand held mode the device can be used for mobile purposes.
  2. While operating in tripod mode the device features two extendable support legs. The height is individually adjustable, provides an ideal lighting at work areas.

The head of the lamp consists of 30 high-efficient LED, which provide a brilliant bright light and are excellently suitable for illumination of work places. The three level optics can be fully focused and make this lamp a versatile and reliable companion.

Seto Power LED
Seto Power LED QuickLock Bars

The SETO POWER LED distinguishes itself by an impact-resistant polymer casing.  Additionally, it features steel elements (located in the inner part) which guarantee the device’s safety. Due to the 4 Quicklock bars, the lamp head can be extended from 820 mm to 1800 mm. These uniquely designed bars intermesh and enable easy extension, but still guarantee a stable construction. After use, the bars can be stored in a mounting within the unit itself.

Seto Power LED
Seto Power LED


The SETO POWER LED features a pair of swing out legs, which turn the lamp into an effective tripod system ensuring additional stability and avoiding extra supporting equipment.

Other accessories available are:  Quick Lock Rods, 230 V Charger, remote control.




Remote Control and Product Codes

Integrated remote module needed for remote control.

  • 73__100001:  With Remote Control
  • 73__100002:  Without Remote Control
  • 73__100006:  Car Charging System (integrated 12/24 V car charger)


TypeSETO POWER LED with Remote
Light source30 x High-Power-LED
Illuminant Durabilityapprox. 50.000 h
Luminous flux approx.100% = 4000 lm
50% = 2000 lm
25% = 1000 lm
8% = signal lighting
(without diffuser)
1 m: 13.600 lx
3 m: 2.000 lx
(with diffuser)
1 m: 1.670 lx
3 m: 170 lx
Operating time approx.100 % – 8 h, 50 % – 16 h, 25 % – 33 h
8 % – 240 h+ signal lighting
Charging time (with 22Ah battery)2,7 A charger: 9 h
Voltage12 V DC
Rated Current2,7 A
Weight11,8 kg
Dimension  (L x B x H)390 x 195 x 255 mm
Delivery content230V charger, 4x Quicklock-bars
Item no.: (with remoter control)73__100001
Item-No.: (without remote control)73__100002
Item-No.: (car charger)73__100006

Product Features

Product Code73__100001: With Remote Control
Product Code73__100002: Without Remote Control
Product Code73__100006: Car Charging System (integrated 12/24 V car charger)