Planned Shutdowns – Whats In Your Toolbox

Large Area lighting

Beacon LED Tower

The award-winning Beacon LED Tower brings you all the light you’ve come to expect from traditional 4 x 1000W metal halide towers. Compact, lightweight and portable, the Beacon LED Tower can be transported with ease without any compromise in durability and stability.

Beacon Light Cart

Ideal for shutdowns, the LE980LED is durable, rugged, easily transportable and  provides lighting power you need instantly, even in cold temperatures. Replace any 1000W metal halide light for a safer and smarter lighting solution. Utilising the latest advancements in LED technology to provide a bright, uniform light in a rugged, yet compact portable design.

Flood Lighting

Lind LE970LED-FS with handle and cordBeacon LE970LED – 50W

The 50W Beacon Light provides 5,000 lumens of light directly on your workspace. A 500W quartz halogen can reach over 299ºC while the Beacon Light produces the same light but only reaches 32ºC.

Lind LE970LED-MAG (handle)Beacon LE965LED – 30W

The little brother to the LE970LED, the LE965LED retains all the functionality as the LE970LED however with a smaller 30W LED chip.


Smaller Area Lighting

Lind Accessories CaseBeacon360 Blaze

The Beacon360 Blaze is an incredibly bright LED area light that casts light in 360º and upwards, illuminating entire rooms and work areas. Its 120W of power is bright enough to allow the entire crew to work anywhere in the area with only a fraction of the energy usage of traditional area lights.


Lind LE-HB150LED High Bay Light (Daisy-chainable)LED Highbay

The 150W high bay light projects shadow free crisp bright white light generated via solid state LEDs that can endure shocks, vibrations, and rough handling without breaking. The high-quality LEDs are cool running and rated for over 50,000 hours (5 years of 24/7 use), meaning you never have to change a bulb.

Beacon360 Trek

The most amazing part about this unit is its flexibility and portability. The small size will allow crews to bring this light anywhere. This tough light can be easily moved around the site and be re-attached to different accessories such as tripods, floor stands, magnets and clamps.

Beacon360 Spark

Used in hallways, stairwells and small areas.  This light sends its beam down and to the sides, so is best used in regular height ceiling areas. Use in place of traditional stringlights.

LE7055 Linear LED Sting Light

Linear LED stringlights are highly versatile portable lighting fixtures that provide bright white light and are built with military grade materials. These stringlights have been shock and vibration tested to military standards and have been deployed and tested for military and civilian applications.

Remote Lighting

Beacon360 GO

At full power, the Beacon360 GO provides 6,000 bright lumens for 4 hours. At 50% power mode the run time is 8 hours and at 15% power mode, the light will run for 25 hours. Save significant time and money with the Beacon360 GO by avoiding the need for long cables and generators.

Lind Light Clamp MountBeacon LE965LEDC – 30W

Perfect for any contractor or maintenance manager, the Beacon LE965LEDC will provide up to 26 hours of crisp bright white light to help you get your job done safely and efficiently.

Beacon LE960LED Hornet

The cordless, battery operated Hornet is perfect for contractors who work with a service truck. Quickly charge the Hornet for 4 hours of use and take the light everywhere you go since it’s lightweight and does not require any cords.

Hazard Zone Lights

XP1830LED 39W Explosive Proof

The XP1830LED utilises the latest in LED technology to provide a wide, shadow-free flood of crisp white light. The housing is made from non-sparking aluminium that can stand up to rough service and is suitable for wet locations

HL-X Hazardous Location Headlamp

Bring the light with you with our explosion proof headlight. Fitting comfortably directly on your head or on your hard hat, this light will focus on the immediate area in front of you, leaving your hands free to work.


A rugged Tuffite handle and aluminium guard make this a mainstay of the hazardous location line. Light is operable at 120V, 240V or low-voltage 12V.

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