Making your worksite safe

BEACON360 GO Rechargeable LED Demonstration

Lighting is an extremely important part of making a worksite safe and we recently put the Beacon360 GO rechargeable LED up against some general 40W flood lights to see how lighting placement and lighting quality helped create a safer working environment.

Demonstration Location: Client Construction Site, Basement, Sydney.

After removing 2 x 40W flood lights on tripods at eye level and replacing them with one Beacon360 GO Rechargeable LED using the clamp accessory to hang the light, all trip hazards were removed and the lighting overall improved.  The lighting was no longer at eye level which also made the job safer.

No cords required!


Beacon360 GO Safety
Beacon360 GO Safety

~ Up to 25 Hrs Run time before recharging ~ 4kg lightweight ~ IP65 ~ LED rated for over 50,000 hrs ~ 3 Year Warranty

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