Small Business & Tradies

Buying the correct tools can be an expensive investment for a small business.   We are here to support you, the Lind range is robust, cool to touch, IP65 rated and provided with a 3-year international warranty.   The LED lights are guaranteed to operate for 50,000 hours.

Operating a small generator for your tools can be risky on any Site; you have noise pollution, exhaust gasses, constant refuelling and maintenance.   By using our PowerOak range, all these risks are eliminated and you will be able to power your hand tools or LED lights.   In 2018, we intend to introduce a package for Utes whereby your PowerOak Battery Generator will be powered by the Sun thus eliminating the need to use grid power or a fuel generator.

120W Beacon360° Blaze
60W Beacon360° Trek
45W (DC) Rechargeable
30W (AC) LED Flood
10W Work Light Hornet
PowerOak PS10B in Orange