Dollars, Cents and the Environment



At no time has a work light product range been released which is so versatile for so many business sectors;


Using the correct lights on a construction site is a ‘must’ as the ramifications can be dire.   By using the Beacon360 range, you can save time, money and and have a positive impact on the environmental.

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Products selected by a Hire/Rental companies are based on criteria like unit price, maintenance cost, warranty, voice of the customer feedback and Return on Investment.   ROI measures the amount of return on an investment relative to the investment cost, i.e. how quickly you will recover your investment.   The ROI for the Beacon360 can be between 4-7 months depending on the application/configuration.

Fire & Rescue

Used by Fire Departments across Canada and USA, they have enabled the response teams to operate safely and efficiently.   A Beacon360 Tripod Kit can be placed on a scene under 90-seconds by a trained operator.   If the Fire Engine is not fitted with a generator, the crews can use the Beacon360 Battery which offers more portability as no power cables are required.

Railway Maintenance

Most maintenance tasks take place at night so not to hinder the train schedule and cause delays for passengers.   To operate at night, the maintenance team require lighting which makes the Site safe however not disturb the local residence who are sleeping.   Most Sites will try to use lighting towers however access might not be available, so portable solutions are required. The Beacon360 Battery is perfect for this application with a weight of only 4kg.

Dollars, Cents & the Environment

Electricity cost is a ‘must do calculation’ when selecting work lights for your Project.

The wrong selection could become a very expensive mistake

To illustrate this point, let’s do a scenario where we compare the operating costs of a Beacon360 120W LED light vs 400W Metal Halide light on a fictitious project.

A Contractor is awarded a contract to build a 10-story building:

  • It is calculated that they require 10 lights per floor
  • Will operate 8-hours per day
  • Work 22-days per month
  • Project duration is 18-months.
  • The cost per kWH is estimated at AU$0.3 for the duration of the project.
Metric120W LED400W Metal Halide
Number of lights100100
Electricity Cost0.30.3
Total Project Electricity Cost$11,404$43,718
Maintenance Cost$0$6,500
Total Project Cost$11,404$50,218

By installing LED lights on the site, the contractor has saved over AU$38,000

Since we know the kWH consumption for the project, we can now calculate how many tonnes of CO2-e the site will produce.

Measurement120W LED400W Metal Halide
Total kWH38,016145,728
Emission factor kg CO2-e/kWh for NSW0.830.83
Tonnes CO2-e32121

By installing LED lights on the Site, the Contractor reduced his emission of greenhouse gasses by 89 tonnes.   This saving is equivalent to 12.8 passenger vehicles driven for 1-year.


The Beacon360 light range has changed the way we do our work.   The lights are an investment which will pay for themselves within months.   As they are so versatile and durable, its applications in the field are endless.   Designed and supplied by a Company who have been in the business of designing construction work lights for over 65-years.

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