Beacon360 GO Rechargeable LED
Change in Regulations

Western Australia has amended regulations whereby contractors cannot operate AC lighting systems when working in roof spaces.

Due to this new regulation, one of our customers tried to find the best battery light for the roof space they were working in and had tried a competitors battery operated floodlight but found it cumbersome as they needed to keep moving the lights around to illuminate the area they were working in.

They then tried our Lind Equipment rechargeable Beacon360 GO with the clamp fitting and they were able to illuminate the whole roof-space without needing to moving the light throughout the entire job.

In the video below, the Beacon360 GO has been positioned in the centre of the work-space.   The Beacon360 GO was set at 50% enabling the light to be used for 2-days before recharging.

Beacon360 GO Video



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