Orb Engineering Services Pty Ltd is a family owned business formed July 2016 to provide affordable renewable power products to the commercial & domestic market. 

During 2016, Orb was engaged to project manage the commissioning phase of the 50MW diesel power station for a Microsoft Data Centre in Holland.  During this phase, a total of 20 QSK95 & 4 QSK60 generators had to be inspected, sub-systems tested and a 24-hour load bank test conducted to the customers standards.


In 2017, Orb embarked on a successful renewable energy research and development project which encompassed the integration of renewable technologies onto a mobile platform. This technology included solar panels, wind turbines, lithium battery banks and control system. 

Orb is actively on the look-out for the latest technology in renewable power and lighting products which will provide our customers with affordable and efficient portable options for their business.

Orb are the Australian Distributor for the following global Brands: